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In the summer of 2022, the rainy season started miraculously early, which was great for motorcycles.
It feels a little too hot, but it is cool while riding a bike. To the highlands, to the sea, to the refreshing breeze, to a trip to Shikoku!

I.T.C. is for self-running, but this time, with the recommendation from a friend, the outbound route is from Tokyo Ariake Port to Tokushima Port by Ocean Tokyu Ferry.
Ferry ride from Tokyo at 19:30 to Tokushima 13:20, and the total ride is for 16 hours and 50 minutes.
Check-in for the ferry was very easy as my reservation was made in advance with card payment with discount.
Since there was a risk of making a roaring sound in the middle of the night, a luxurious private room was arranged, and it was a comfortable time.There is no restaurant on the ferry, but you can buy a wide variety of selections of lunch boxes and noodles from the vending machines.
There are also snacks and alcohol.The internet environment was a concern because there is no Wi-Fi, but because it was relatively close to the land during the time when we were awake, the internet access was sufficient. The bike is firmly fixed as shown in the picture without a stand.(Personally, I am curious about the Mitsubishi GTO loaded on the back truck.)

It is recommended to take a bath in the morning.
It feels great to soak in the large bathtub while swaying in the waves and looking out at the sea from the window.When getting out to the deck after the bath, we came across the sister ship of the same ferry company.

Overall, the ferry trip was pleasant. I am not good at leaving early in the morning, so the plan of leaving the night before is helpful. The calm sea was also relief.
The ferry is recommended for those coming from Tokyo. If you leave at night and sleep, you will be in Shikoku in the afternoon. After running for about 8 hours from Tokyo, it is hard.
The ferry trip has become longer. It is a touring trip.

This time, after arriving at Tokushima Port to run in 4 prefectures of Shikoku during a 3-day stay, we headed to Katsurahama in Kochi Prefecture via the Shikoku Longitudinal Road via the Takamatsu Expressway.
It is about 200km ride. I am sorry for passing through Kagawa prefecture this time! I have a place I want to go next time, so I will come again!When you come to Kochi, you have to say hello to this person!

The first day is over.

The second day starts from Kochi city.
We go around from Shikoku Karst to Omogokei to UFO Line and to Oboke-Iya Valley.
The distance is about 300km on the map, but it takes 7 hours and 30 minutes. It is probably a difficult ride.
With the great weather, Shikoku Karst was a spectacular place as expected. The highlands are cool. The wind was not strong and we could run comfortably. You have to be careful about oncoming vehicles on the narrow pass.
You should take collaborative photos with windmill or cow and your car.
After leaving Shikoku Karst, we ran refreshingly to Omogokei and to the UFO line. The road to the UFO line seems complicated, but it is in the back of this shop. Quite a few other riders also turned back.

Unfortunately, the only open road on the UFO line was foggy, and we could not see the UFO.

The mileage so far is about 190km on this day. The distance left to the final destination is 120km. Gas mileage is worse than usual today.(I had filled it up in Kochi city, but is it because I was driving senselessly on a rugged mountain pass?) Even normally, it does not run 300km. As checking on the map, there seems to be no gas station around. I used a short-cut with my smartphone navigation to head toward the town, but I ended up on an unpaved road. I went back to the original path and left my luck to heaven.

From there, the route from Kochi prefecture to Tokushima prefecture runs through the Winding road along the Yoshino River to the unexplored region of Tokushima, Oboke and Iya Valley. On the way, we passd through the city, so we refilled the gas there. The overall pavement is clean, and you can run refreshingly on a scenic road. If I have time, I would like to take a closer look at these points along the way.

The second day is over.

★★Recommended inn in Iya Valley Click here for [Yumoto Shin-Iya Onsen Kazura Bridge]
It is a welcoming inn that heals the tiredness of touring with hot springs, food, and hospitality.The International Touring Club special plan includes a roof-covered bike parking lot and a solo touring trip with a one-person plan!
There are lots of fun things to do when you stay, such as the open-air bath in the sky and the Kazura Bridge night tour that you can climb by cable car.
Please visit this [Yumoto Shin-Iya Onsen Kazura Bridge] page.

There are also brilliant spots on Route 32 along the Iya Valley, such as the Iya Peeing Boy, the highly transparent mountain stream, the Hino-ji Valley, and the observatory.
However, please be careful when running on Route 32.

On the third day, soak in the hot springs in the morning, eat a delicious meal, and start late.

On this day, take Route 32 along the Yoshino River toward Awa-Ikeda. It is peaceful with smooth roads.
The Nishi-Awa region is still full of attractions, such as the roads you want to drive and the places you want to go, but this time we will continue to head toward Naruto at high speed. I stopped by because the view from the Okawara plateau was good.The view was good, but a road on the way was…… It was the day after I went to Shikoku Karst. Sorry.The descent on the way back was also tough.

After that, I was planning to enjoy the Naruto Skyline, but I changed it to the next day and headed to the hotel, the adult hideaway [Resort Moana Coast] where I stayed that day.[Resort Hotel Moana Coast] has only 16 guest rooms, and rooms in the main building are all equipped with a jacuzzi and rooms in the remote building (Villa Veltramont) on a site of about 10,000m2. It is a luxurious space with an Italian restaurant (Ristorante Fishbone) using local ingredients.
I enjoyed a high-quality time that was a bit different from the usual touring. The dress code wasn not strict, but I had a shirt just for dinner. It is fun to make you feel like that.
Enjoy your stay at your touring destination. It is the real pleasure of adult touring to spend a wonderful time.

You can park your motorcycle in the space with the roof at the entrance of the garden terrace. Doesn’t it look like a restaurant object?

Enjoy the sunrise while soaking in the jacuzzi in the room. You do not have to be a rider to see the sunrise and feel happy.

For a nice breakfast, enjoy the view of the garden full of light and your favorite vehicke on the garden terrace.

It was a fulfilling day spent at the resort hotel Moana Coast (beautiful coast) in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, Shikoku.

★★Click here for details on the Moana Coast (Beautiful Coast) Adult Hideaway Resort in Naruto City


Unfortunately, on the 4th day, I returned to the reality and came back home. Before that, we would ride on the Naruto Skyline, which is called the Isle of Man in Naruto, right from the Moana Coast.

Although the Naruto skyline is a total length of 11 km, it may be a little addictive course because there are height differences and tight corners, along the sea and in the mountains, and a bridge with an open view.
I rode about 2 round trips.The view from the Yokatami Observatory was also wonderful.


Although this Shikoku touring was a short time, we were blessed with the weather and were able to see a superb view of Tokushima such as Iya Valley from a major spot like Shikoku Karst in our ride. I spent a fulfilling time staying at an unexplored hot spring hotel and an adult hideaway resort.
A few years ago, there was a touring course that runs from Dogo Onsen to Honshu on the Shimanami Kaido, from Kagawa to Onaruto Bridge-Awaji Island-Akashi Kaikyo Bridge on the Seto Bridge in one day. (I wish I had taken pictures.)


There are still many touring trips! The International Touring Club will continue to show the appeal of Japan’s touring trips.
Will there be touring overseas someday? Please look forward to it!

The International Touring Club introduces biker-friendly accommodations for mainly riders.
This accommodation is welcomed not only for touring but also for those who travel with their family and friends in their own car.

If you want to go on winding road by car after all sudden changes in the weather, please use this site at any time.
The International Touring Club directly accesses the hotel reservation system to make reservations and payments, so it is safe. There are also benefits unique to the secret plan.

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