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Moana Coast (Beautiful Coast) Adult Hideaway Resort in Naruto, Shikoku

  • Hotel Name
    Resport Hotel Moana Coast
  • Reference fee per person
    (Service fees and tax included)
    when 2 persons staying in 1 room from 22,000 yen
  • Address
    186-16 Takasago, Tosadomariura, Naruto-cho, Naruto-shi, Tokushima,
088-687-2255 Make a reservation

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Resort Hotel Moana Coast  ~All rooms with an open-air bath at an adult Hideaway Resort~

When you cross the Onaruto Bridge via the route from Awaji Island to Tokushima Prefecture, which is one of the many bridges that are indispensable for Shikoku touringand, and you run along the sea, you will find the Naruto Skyline, a touring course called the Isle of Man in Naruto. It is a course that you can enjoy even in a short section with a superb view point appearing between the ups and downs and the corner. The view from the Yokatami Bridge Observatory is also great.

When you ride along the coast of Oge Island from the Naruto Skyline, you will find the finest resort hotel Moana Coast reminiscent of an Italian resort. Moana Coast means a beautiful beach. There are only 16 rooms on the site of about 10,000 m2, which are a maisonette type with an open-air jacuzzi and a luxurious space of a separate villa (with a semi-open-air jacuzzi) in all suites.

For dinner, enjoy Italian cuisine at Ristorante Fishbone, where you can enjoy the scenery and luxurious cuisine with local production for local consumption.
The owner and staff are very attentive, and it is really an adult hideaway.

* * Recommendation* * Very popular Ristrante Fishbone is a very special space. While looking out at the Naruto Strait, you can enjoy a meal that makes the best use of Shikoku’s ingredients while enjoying the illuminated garden at night.
How about a variety of upgrade menus?

Before the Shikoku touring or after enjoying the touring, enjoy a little fashionable dinner. It is a resort hotel where you can spend a unique, mature and luxurious time.

~Adult hideaway~ Resort Hotel Moana Coast has a secret plan special to the International Touring Club for touring riders visiting Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture!!
When you make a reservation from the International Touring Club, riders only can use the covered motorcycle parking lot (the number is limited)which makes it look like a hotel object

Onaruto Bridge in the morning mist seen from the coast in front of the Moana Coast. the sunrise seen from the jacuzzi is also great.

Breakfast is also a menu suitable for a resort using local ingredients. Enjoy it on the garden terrace.((The photo shows only the first seasonal salad and fruit & yogurt served. Please stay and experience everything. )


The owner of the resort hotel Moana Coast, who directs the “adult touring trip that enriches life”, owns famous vehicles that are well-known by car and motorcycle lovers, and he maintains every vehicle at the best condition for driving.

* * Click here for the resort owner’s blog site * *

We received a message from the owner to the riders in the International Touring Club.

Message to the International Touring Club

Since our establishment in 1989, we have been aiming for a small-scale, high-quality hotel.

The environment has become more suitable for me to ride an old motorcycle, which had been sealed since its founding, for more than 10 years.
The “Naruto Skyline” that I love can be reached in 10 minutes from the hotel.
When riding on Triumph or BSA, which are British cars of the 1960s, you can enjoy the “Naruto Isle of Man” air-cooled Porsche “Naruto Nur” total length 11.028km, tight corners, hairpins, ups and downs.
You can see the beautiful Setouchi sea from the Yokatami Observatory, which is 100 meters above sea level in the middle of the course.

In addition to the Italian cuisine that Moana Coast is proud of, please enjoy Naruto’s B-class gourmet “Naruto Udon” and “Okonomiyaki with Kintoki beans”.

We would like you to take this opportunity to visit Naruto.

Resort Hotel Moana Coast
Director Hikari Shibano


A special sticker designed by the owner will be given to those staying with the rider-only plan.

The number of fast chargers are available thanks to the owner’s kindness.

View from the main building open-air jacuzzi.


The International Touring Club directly accesses the hotel reservation system, so it is safe to make reservations and payments.
CAUTION:This is a secret plan only for riders. When you access the reservation screen directly from the Make a reservation button on this page, the rider special plan will be displayed
When you scroll down, the room type will be displayed, so please select the room and then proceed to the reservation date, and number of people.
Since it is a secret plan, if a plan screen other than the biker’s plan is displayed, you have to return to the site of the International Touring Club and then proceed to the hotel reservation screen again.

088-687-2255 Make a reservation

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